Guardian’s Challenge – Wushu Bootcamp 2017

Come on and step up PMA crew – your time has come!
The Guardian challenge is this Sunday 9th. Ideally people have already gained sponsorship but failing that it’s £15 to enter the challenge for the Lau Gar Trust charity.

 As per BKFA website: 

“Participants who are NOT doing sponsorship can pay £15 pound to do the challenge at our club and will receive a free challenge T-shirt.
Participants who collect more than £30 pound from sponsorship WILL receive a free challenge T-shirt.  Please make sure your Licence is up to date”

CIMAC World Cup

Trinity Leeson-Rice rose to the challenge at the CIMAC World Cup in Solihull today. She fought like a Trojan. 1st place in points and runner up in light contact. This has her best all round performance to date.

Trin Cimac World Cup

Kwon British Series

Our very own Trinity Leeson-Rice stepped up the ladder of achievement by becoming double British champion at the Kwon British series in Solihull. Picking up the championship belt in both points and light contact.Trin Kwon British Series June '17

BKFA Summer Course

BKFA Lau Gar Summer Camp
23-29 July 2017
Open to our members


Seven days of training & experiencing the joys of Kung Fu.

Grand Master Yau has arranged for Coach Xia to come over to the UK and teach on the summer course and he will be adapting forms and sets that he’ll be teaching to suit everyone.
The routines that you’ll be learning will most certainly enhance your Lau Gar and overall Kung Fu skills.

Don’t miss this opportunity to train with great coaching skills to book go on the website

BKFA Summer_Course_2017

WAKO Junior European Cup

What a good day at the WAKO Junior European Cup held at the North Solihull sports centre. Trinity Leeson-Rice came away with a bronze medal in point fighting and gold in light contact. Congratulations due and we are aware of what to work on to get to next level.