Ladies Cardio KickFit

Are you looking to get fit, build strength, feel more confident and have fun?

yellowtickCardio Fitness yellowtickSelf-Defence
Exercises designed to help improve your cardio fitness Introduce you to key self-defence techniques
yellowtickWeight Control yellowtickStress Relief
Kickboxing is a great way to burn fat and lose weight Working out, punching and kicking pads and bags is a great stress relief from your day
yellowtickHave Fun yellowtickBuild Strength
Train with like-minded people and have fun with motivational instructors Exercises designed to build your strength and power


Join us on our Ladies-only Cardio KickFit course, which is suitable for all fitness levels and beginners.  This is a rolling 8-week course with pre-defined start and end dates and is separate from our main Martial Arts membership program.

The course is primarily a cardio based fitness class with basic Kickboxing and Self-Defence techniques introduced during the duration of the course.

For those of you who are interested in learning a complete system of self-defence, traditional Kung Fu and Kickboxing then you have the opportunity to take your fitness and learning to the next level by joining our full Martial Arts membership program.