Lau Gar Guardians

What are guardians?


The Guardians are Senior Instructors, appointed by the Head of the Lau Gar style, Master Yau. Their mission is to support, represent, promote and develop the style of Lau Gar Kung Fu as it is taught within the British Kung Fu Association for the benefit of current and future generations of students.

Current Guardians List

Alan Neeld Alec Clark
Aimee Seymour Andrew Nation
Andy Phillips Bobby O’Neill
Carl Jones Clive Thompson
Derek Dawson Frankie Cooper
Jason Crabtree Jim Cairns
John Russell Keith Thomas
Kelvin Bartram Mike Lavender
Morag Quirk Nathan Beer
Pete Hornby Rajko Dokic
Rash Patel Riona Grainger
Robert Francis Robin Sunley
Sean Viera Sharon Gill
Stephen Jeffery Steve Newby
Stewart Hunt