WKU Daz Ellis Open Championships

What an event at the WKU Daz Ellis Open Championships. Big up the organisers, table officials and refs for making the event run smoothly on the day and last but not least the fighters.
Trinity Leeson-Rice took part in this event and after some close and hard fought encounters grabbed the GOLD medal in her category. Well done Trinity; a fine way to end the year on a high.

To top it off Trinity was awarded sponsored fighter of the year by W.O.M.A.A association. Her hard work in the gym and competing nationally is slowly reaping the awards.

2017 goal is again to improve further and pick up international honours.

WOMAA World Martial Arts Games

What a weekend at the WOMAA world martial art games in Dublin. Trinity Leeson-Rice rose to the challenge and came away with 1 silver and 3 golds, whilst Chris Collymore gained a gold medal in the masters division. Both fighters also made it to the Senior black belt ladies and men’s open weight grand final for the evening show. Chris came up a little short over the 3 rounds but a good effort none the less. Trinity went one step further and showed good maturity to beat her Irish opponent to be crowned 2017 WOMAA ladies black belt grand champion.

Trin & Chris WOMAA World Martial Games

Trin & Chris WOMAA World Martial Games 2

Guardian Challenge – Wushu Bootcamp 2017

10.00am Sunday morning.  The mighty few stepped forward for the Guardian challenge…

 The PMA team smashed it today.  A great effort from everyone who took part in the Guardian challenge.  In fact, we added an extra set on the stance section just to finish off. We then had time to wind up with some explosive kicking techniques given we were so warm and supple from the challenge and rounded off by working on some applications to three-step conditioning routine.

 A great effort from all and “big up Aimee” for putting it together.


Guardian’s Challenge – Wushu Bootcamp 2017

Come on and step up PMA crew – your time has come!
The Guardian challenge is this Sunday 9th. Ideally people have already gained sponsorship but failing that it’s £15 to enter the challenge for the Lau Gar Trust charity.

 As per BKFA website: 

“Participants who are NOT doing sponsorship can pay £15 pound to do the challenge at our club and will receive a free challenge T-shirt.
Participants who collect more than £30 pound from sponsorship WILL receive a free challenge T-shirt.  Please make sure your Licence is up to date”