Rob Francis


Rob Francis

instructor2Training in Martial Arts can really provide many benefits to our lives.  Not only the obvious improvements to your physical health/wellbeing and your self-defence skills, but it can also take you on a higher spiritual journey and develop your resilience and self-confidence to be able to work through whatever challenge comes your way in life.  This is what we want for all our students.

You are unique and the Lau Gar system allows each student to develop at your own pace, based on the effort you put in.  Like me, you can be assured that all our instructors are passionate about helping you to progress and be the best you can be.

Experience: I have 30 years in UK and also some time spent in China
Heroes: Bruce Lee and Mohammed Ali
Achievements: 5th Degree Black Sash and Lau Gar Guardian, British Grand Champion-semi Contact, British Sticking hands Champion( x 3), Individual and team British Champion


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